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Fleet management encompasses several aspects that have a significant budgetary impact.

  • Vehicle location
  • Security
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel control

Specifically, fuel control is a relevant management with a wide budgetary impact. Knowing how to get better fuel economy performance has a significant impact on business expenses.

In order to carry out a reliable fuel consumption analysis that allows cost optimization, a reliable and simple information collection is necessary for the users who carry out the data entry.

For this, at Leulit we have developed this app that can be integrated into any ERP available on the market to collect data in the field on fuel refueling.

The app allows three functions:

  • Identify the users who enter the data
  • Locate where the refueling takes place
  • Easily introduce the refueled fuel.

To identify users, the application integrates with the client’s authentication systems. The application is integrated with Amazon Cognito which facilitates its integration with any authentication system used by the client. The application also has its own API that allows its integration directly with the customer’s authentication system.

For data collection, the application is integrated into the cloud with services hosted on Amazon Web Services using “serverless” technologies that allow a notable cost reduction in the application’s back office section.

The integration with the services of Amazon Web Services allows to distribute the data to the clients in countless ways:

  • Integration with the client’s back office through REST, SOAP, JSON services, etc …
  • Access to data through data services in the cloud: data analytics, excel files in data units in the cloud.

The application in turn can also be offered to the client in direct integration mode. In other words, send the collected data directly to the client’s back office.

The application has been developed with flutter technology (dart language). The use of this technology allows us to offer versions of the application for both Android and iOS devices without the need to manage two parallel developments. In other words, any adaptation modification in the application is developed once and is available for both platforms. This allows a much lower development cost.