servers management

Leulit manage your company’s servers with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to have the peace of mind of a service quality.

By outsourcing server management with Leulit, your company should not worry about the correct operation of the servers or the security of your data.

What are Amazon AWS servers?

Leulit offers server management with Amazon AWS because it is a cloud services platform developed by Amazon for hosting any type of web project, from business solutions and large-scale projects. In addition, the fact that Amazon’s servers are spread across different countries will be essential to contribute to improving the international SEO of a website or online store.

One of the main advantages of Amazon Web Services servers is the possibility of paying only for those resources that are consumed. This allows cost and infrastructure savings.

Titans of the technological world, such as Spotify, Dropbox, Netflix, Pinterest and Airbnb, to established brands such as General Electric, Samsung, the Australian Bank of the Commonwealth of Nations or the BBC itself, use these services.

Why outsource server management?

Amazon AWS servers do not have a systems administration service. This means that those who hire an AWS server on the Amazon platform have to manage the server themselves so that it is permanently updated and always has the highest level of security.

Contracting the service with Leulit guarantees that all of them are managed and optimized to maintain high performance and guarantee their operation. Furthermore, very comprehensive security functions are performed to satisfy the most demanding information security requirements.

Proven actions to make your business evolve

Now, more than ever, innovation drives business growth. Explore the actions that many organizations have taken to work more efficiently, generate results faster, and gain more agility with the most innovative cloud technology on the planet.

Migrate to the cloud

Why migrate to the cloud? Some companies migrate to increase the productivity of their workforce. Others seek data center consolidation due to a merger or acquisition. What’s more, they are reinventing their businesses as part of a broader digital transformation. And, of course, organizations are always looking for ways to improve results by reducing their costs.

Modernize application development

Modern application development enables small, dedicated teams to rapidly and repeatedly prototype, test, deploy and scale applications, so traditional processes can no longer keep up.

Differentiate with data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become competitive differentiators and a source of value generation for many companies. That explains the IDC’s recent prediction that 40% of transformation initiatives in 2019 are being AI / ML-enabled. With the volume of data increasing to support those analytics capabilities, companies must understand that what worked in the past may not work today.

Strengthen your defenses

As legacy technologies and processes evolve to modern cloud operations, security risks and compliance regulations remain. Protecting your business requires proven security expertise, contrasted with strict third-party warranty frameworks.

Reorganize your operations

Putting innovation to work means building operations around customer-centric results that are achievable and repeatable. It’s time to rethink old-style waterfalls and other activity-based approaches that don’t support agile, feedback-focused development.

Equip your people

Although many organizations want to move faster to the cloud, they continue to invest in traditional local technologies. The reason? Inability to hire and train cloud teams quickly enough and with business expertise to make the cloud deliver meaningful business results.

Achieve your goals

As you work on actions that have been shown to accelerate innovation, you will want to do so in the context of the strategic goals that your organization has already set. Empowering your business to focus on those core goals will go a long way toward helping your teams achieve them. The following are just a few of the results that today’s leading companies and startups are achieving with AWS.

Today’s Leaders Innovate in the AWS Cloud

Many cloud-enabled companies, including Fintonic and Santander Openbank, have literally built their businesses on AWS. Today, thousands of companies of all sizes and in all industries are generating meaningful results for their businesses and clients by working with the cloud leader.

AWS clients in Spain and Portugal include leaders in almost all industries BBVA and Bankinter in financial services, Cepsa and GALP, in energy Hotel Beds and Melia in travel and hospitality and Startups such as Flywire and Ravenpack. The list also includes small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations around the world that are today building their future and innovating with AWS.