Achieving the sales objectives of a company is not only achieved with a website. The competition is increasing and Google Ads is the tool to show potential customers the products they need.

At Leulit we create, manage and optimize Google Ads accounts with the sole objective of growing your business.

Why use Google Ads?

Achieving organic web positioning (SEO) is the goal of any company but it is a long-term task. Instead, with Google Ads (SEM), it is achieved immediately. The ideal is to combine SEO with SEM and launch campaigns on key dates for the business that favor good positioning results in the shorter.

We can segment the audience that the ads will reach and choose the options that best suit what you need. Geo targeting, language, displaying ads on other devices, selecting map extensions, telephone, audience, keywords, ad types, frequency are some of them. The secret is to configure well and choose the right ones, and that’s what Leulit takes care of.

What is SEM?

It is the acronym for (Search Engine Marketing) or as a plain definition is the possibility of creating internet ad click campaigns through the most common search engines. Like Yahoo or Google.

SEM is the use of tools and strategies that help us to optimize the visibility and increase the accessibility of the sites and web pages thanks to the search engines.

It is also the search engines themselves who often offer us these tools to advertise on their search media.

SEM is short term. Once the announcements are made and the keywords are clear, the campaigns can be launched instantly. Campaigns that must always be optimized to increase the conversion rate.


  • Enables you to quickly introduce a large-scale product
  • Lets you compete face to face with major competitors
  • The return on investment is fast (if the campaigns are optimized)
  • Allows to bring highly segmented traffic to our website